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Fanatics has a committed Security Policy. We will retain copies of the information that you provide when you:

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Is placing an order secure?
How can I tell if the The Major League Baseball Store site is a secure one?
What else can I do to ensure my details remain safe?
How is my data protected?
Who are GlobalSign?
What is encryption and how does it work?
Do you check for fraudulent credit/debit cards?
Where can I find my credit/debit card security number?
Who are Cybersource and what do they do?
What legal protection do I have?

Is placing an order secure?

When you order anything from The Major League Baseball Store your order is made over a secure connection. This means that all the personal information you enter will be encrypted so it cannot be read as it travels over the Internet. Encryption is used on all pages within the buying process, making shopping on The Major League Baseball Store as safe as possible.

How can I tell if the The Major League Baseball Store site is a secure one?

You can tell that our site is secure by looking for the following:

  • a picture of a small padlock - this normally appears bottom right of the browser window.
  • in the web page address a secure page will begin with "https://" denoting that the site is using a secure server for the transaction of data.
  • right click on the page, select "properties" (or "view frame info"). The resulting page will have a section called "Security info for this page" or a button called "certificates". These will show:
    • the website owner,
    • the security company (in our case, GlobalSign)
    • the level of encryption.

If you have any concerns about the security of our site, or if you have any further queries, please contact the Customer Services team.

What else can I do to ensure my details remain safe?

Look for a GlobalSign logo and only purchase from merchants you know and trust. In addition to encrypting the data you send over the Internet, the certificate can be used to confirm and authenticate the identity of a web site"s owner (in this case, the merchant).

Because digital certificates act as electronic signatures they cannot be forged, you can be certain the connection is secure if either RSA DATA SECURITY INC. or GlobalSign Inc has issued the certificate.

How is my data protected?

We implement a number of sophisticated security measures to ensure the safety of the personal information you provide. The information is contained on a secure server, which is accessible only by a limited number of employees who have authorised access rights to such information.

Once you have passed your credit/debit card details to us, they are stored in an encrypted format on our Cybersource server located behind a firewall. Access to this machine is strictly controlled, preventing unauthorized access to your personal data.

Who are GlobalSign?

GlobalSign, Inc. is the leading provider of digital authentication services and products for electronic commerce and other forms of secure communications. For more information on GlobalSign please visit their web site at http://www.GlobalSign.com.

If you have any concerns about the security of our site, or if you have any further queries, please contact the Customer Services team.

What is encryption and how does it work?

Put simply, encryption changes data so that it becomes completely unreadable to anyone other than the intended recipient.

Now for the technical bit!

  1. When you establish a secure connection, the downloaded web site sends a digital certificate to your web browser.
  2. When the certificate arrives, it contains a public key, which functions as a one-way encryption device.
  3. The browser then uses this key to scramble your personal data (credit card Information) before sending it over the Internet.

All credit card details are encrypted using GlobalSign 40bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Software. Information encrypted with the public key cannot be decrypted without the corresponding private key, which only the merchant has.

Without this exclusive, private key, your personal information cannot be read.

Do you check for fraudulent credit/debit cards?

When we receive your credit/debit card details, an on-line check of your credit/debit card is made. This process ensures the card number you entered actually corresponds to a real card number and is not a bogus card.

The Cybersource system also checks various "Hot Card lists" to ensure that no fraudulent use is being made of any credit/debit card. This on-line verification of your details is carried out over a secure line to the bank. credit/debit card data is never sent over the Internet using the validation process.

We also carry out random security checks on cards to ensure we help prevent fraud - please note that we do not intend any discourtesy if your card is chosen for a random check. We reserve the right to withhold any order from despatch in order to process further security checks. This can delay an order for up to 36 hours.

Where can I find my credit/debit card security number?

Your credit/debit card security number is a 3 digit number which can be found on the far right side of the signature strip on the back of your card. This 3 digit number is unique to your card, and gives you extra protection against fraud.

Note: with American Express cards, the card security number is 4 digits long and is printed on the front of the card.

Who are Cybersource and what do they do?

Cybersource are a leading payment system provider to online businesses. We have chosen them as a partner for our secure server software.

For further information about Cybersource please visit their web site at http://www.cybersource.com.

You are protected by the normal laws of England, in particular The Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 (c. 35) and the Consumer Protection Act 1987 (c.43)

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